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Robotic Surgery

The surgeons at Spokane Urology feel the DaVinci surgical platform enhances and assists traditional laparoscopic surgery. We have been active in using the DaVinci surgical platform since it’s introduction in Spokane and currently perform high volume robotic surgery for management of prostate cancer, renal cancer, bladder cancer, as well as for reconstructive urologic procedures.

You can see below how the surgeon uses this tool to mimic their natural wrist motion:

The surgeon then uses a “console” to control the motion of the robotic instruments, and this is in the operating room and can be seen here:

The robotic arms use laparoscopic instruments with the following platform seen here:

For questions regarding robotic assisted prostatectomy please view the following video:

For more information regarding the Spokane Urology experience, please see this interview with Dr. Mikkelsen:

For more information regarding the use of robotic surgery for management of kidney tumors, please see the following video: